Make Writing Studios

Make Writing Studios are learning communities for makers, writers and teachers, and they’re designed with your vision in mind.

IMG_5305As the founder of the WNY Young Writers’ Studio, I sustained a thriving learning community in western New York for ten years. Our studio was a makerspace for writers and a welcoming place for teacher leaders, adult writers from all walks of life, and education researchers who were eager to improve their practice. Those who wrote with us continue to use their words to make a difference in their schools, their communities, and their workplaces.

You can learn more about our space, our learning, and our work here, here, and here. Looking for testimonials? I’ve added them to this page.

In recent years, school and community leaders from other corners of the world began inviting me to consult with them on the development of their own writing studios shortly after the publication of my first book, Make Writing. Some invited me to help them create a powerful vision for the organizations they would create. A few needed help designing their spaces. Others invited me to share my curriculum, teaching tools, and professional development resources with them as they began crafting their own. The best of that work is included in my second book, Hacking the Writing Workshop: Redesign with Making in Mind. 

19Make Writing Studios pop up in school districts and through different community-based organizations who invite me in to work with kids and teachers too, if they choose. These events unfold over the course of single days or full weeks. Once they end, I make myself available for return site visits and virtual conversations, as needed.

Every experience I create is unique to the organization I serve. Some organizations have established makerspaces. Others have classrooms, libraries, or community rooms that I’ve been invited to transform temporarily, and I am more than happy to.

Are you eager to start your own writing studio, evolve an already established makerspace, or host a pop-up session? Contact me.  I’d love to help you. The poster below explains how.

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