Here, you will find testimonials from those who have worked with me in four different capacities: as participants in my professional learning sessions, as collaborators on shared projects, as parents or fellows of the writing studios I’ve created, or as organizational storywriting clients. Please scroll down to find those that are most relevant to your interests. References are also available upon request. 


Testimonials from School Leaders and Teachers

“Mrs. Stockman has worked with our K-12 common branch and ELA teachers for over 10 years. Her direct professional development work with these teachers has undoubtedly contributed to Starpoint CSD’s dramatic increase in student achievement as evidenced by the district climbing from a Business First rank of 26th in 2011 to 6th in 2016. Her knowledge of the common core standards, curriculum design, and effective teaching methods is unmatched. In addition, she has a keen ability to connect with K-12 teachers and motivate them to improve their practice.” —Dr. Sean Croft, Superintendent, Starpoint Central School

“We at Akron Elementary have been so very fortunate in working closely with Mrs. Angela Stockman over the past three years. Mrs. Stockman has spent close to fifty days in helping us to better meet the needs of all students as it directly applies to literacy and writing development. She has masterfully helped us to navigate through the maze of changes in curriculum expectations over the past few years. Angela Stockman is truly expert in the field of literacy and writing methodologies. She has been an amazing asset to us over the past three years and would be the same to any district that is fortunate enough to have her expertise and knowledge as a consultant.” — Mr. Todd Esposito, Building Principal, Akron Elementary School

When Angela first began working with our district, we were a new middle school. Our rural school was not as well-known as other surrounding districts, and our writing program was in the need of true alignment. Angela was introduced to our department and immediately built a collegial and professional relationship with each member. Angela was paramount in assisting our reading and writing program grow. Thematic units delved deeper, guided reading support was implemented, and assessments became authentic and performance based, creating accurate pictures of our students’ growth. Her work is researched, authentic and exciting. In short, Ms. Stockman, has been the support system that put our district on the map. We have gone from being a little-known district, to well-respected district that consistently wins citations from the New York State Department of Education. Ms. Stockman took our strengths as individuals -as well as collectively- and showed us that our visions for our classrooms were meaningful and impactful.”    —-Mrs. Danielle Hardt, Department Chair, Starpoint Middle School

“Having had the privilege of working with Angela to provide my students a more succinct, quality learning experience, I can honestly not say enough about how she was able to not only share her deep understanding and breadth of knowledge with my staff, but also involved them in meaningful learning experiences, inspiring greater ownership and learning for my students and staff alike. Continuing to collaborate around best practice with Angela, integrating quality strategies, and developing skills in my staff has unlocked so much potential and will continue to increase student achievement.” —Mrs. Marissa Vuich, Principal, South Buffalo Charter School

 “It is always wonderful to attend a professional learning event and you clearly see the passion the presenter has for the subject!” —Mr. Jason Rotundo, Secondary ELA Specialist, Monroe 1 BOCES

“Today was fantastic!  I learned so much.  I really am leaving with a whole new perspective of how to confer with students about their writing.” —Ms. Julie George, Teacher, Honeoye Falls

“Angela Stockman has shaped my teaching more than any other person or resource. At Starpoint, my department worked with Angela for many years. Developing a readers’ workshop and tackling the NYS modules were just two areas in which Angela guided and encouraged me to tackle new and challenging curricula.” —Mrs. Brandee Norwood, Teacher, Starpoint Middle School

“I have known Angela Stockman for over a decade. In this time I have worked with her as a colleague, learned from her as a consultant/staff developer, and had my own children learn from her as a teacher with the WNY Young Writers Studio. In every and any interaction, Angela is someone who listens to those around her and finds a way to take them from where they are to the next best place and beyond! I cannot express enough how knowledgeable Angela is about what students need to learn and how to work with the adults to meet the needs of the students. Angela is respectful of the climate and culture of the school/district and taps into the existing strengths of the organization. What’s more, Angela does not have her own agenda–she serves those with whom she works so that they can grow and learn. I cannot say enough about how impressed I have been time and again with Angela’s work and the work that teachers and students are able to do after working with her! You will not be disappointed!” —Dr. Heather Lyon, Director of Elementary Education, Kenmore Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District

ELA curriculum, instruction and assessment is shifting in our district! Based on teachers’ instructional needs, a great attention to our data, and a full scale review of current practices, writing instruction is changing for our students K-12 . Angela Stockman works with our teachers modeling lessons, provides instructional coaching and facilitates in a workshop format to help us elevate our level of instruction. A curriculum has been developed. We are testing it in the classroom and gathering student work to review implementation. Formative assessments are being created 9-12. Feedback is provided both in person and online. New curriculum units are being developed at our Middle School. Angela is steeped in research and best practice and we look forward to working with her each year.” —Mrs. Melissa Bergler, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Lake Shore Central School District


Testimonials from Collaborators on Shared Projects

Melbourne, Australia may seem a long way from America, but thanks to the internet we teachers have access to outstanding professional development online. I’ve been learning from Angela for many years and implementing my learning into classrooms in Melbourne. Angela’s work is well known and she is followed by many teachers here. Improving student writing has been a key goal and being able to access and implement Angela’s research and practice has led to significant improvement in student writing across Australia. With our sharing culture, Angela’s impact on teaching and learning has been significant.” —Mrs. Nina Beuth, Australian Educator on Special Assignment

As a first-year teacher, I had the privilege to co-teach with Angela Stockman in an 8th grade setting. Little did I know that I was working with a brilliant educator; and educator who understood how to differentiate in a classroom, who knew research was the groundwork for making and sustaining change with students in regards to their skill sets, whose ability to make personal connections with students went beyond the scope of the curriculum. In 2002, Angela was innovative, was using technology in the classroom, and was implementing student choice in literature circles and writer’s workshop. I didn’t realize, until our paths crossed again, this time as staff developers- designing curricula, leading teachers through the standards-change movement, working as instructional coaches, and collaborating with administrators to design professional development opportunities, that many classrooms were not like the classroom Angela and I shared. Many teachers desired the classroom we had, but were unsure how to get there, overwhelmed by the day-to-day duties of an educator. Working together, Angela and I were able to guide teachers as they challenged their daily practices and began implementing new instructional strategies that were both teacher and student friendly, connected to the plans their individual school districts had in place, and aligned to the standards NYS requires of teachers. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Angela in both the classroom setting and in professional development roles. Our time together- planning, teaching, and researching practices have truly shaped the administrator I am today.”   —Mrs. Kristen Marchiole, Senior Supervisor, Erie 1 BOCES

Collaborating with Angela Stockman on any project — from an idea for a book, to a conference proposal, to the design of an educational workshop or development of a new business — is always a rich transformative experience. Along with her professional expertise, Angela brings her passion and creativity to every project she touches, while using her gifts of insight and sensitivity to bring out the best in every client and colleague. I am grateful for Angela’s continued coaching and support for all of my work.”  —Mrs. Ellen Feig Gray, Founder of Parent with Perspective and Positive Psychology Practitioner


Testimonials from Studio Participants and Their Parents

“Overall, the Teacher Fellowship has been hugely beneficial in shaping my teaching and given me the confidence to try new things in my classroom that are based on best practices.  Even if something I’ve researched doesn’t go as planned I have an excellent sounding board to discuss why and how to continue to improve.  The Teacher Fellowship has been the best connection I’ve made in my teaching career because it allows me to see many different sides of an idea and think about these ideas in new ways.” —Mrs. Pamila Marchewka-Cornwell, teacher fellow, WNY Young Writers’ Studio

“The summer fellowship program was a wonderful experience for Eliza and Miranda.  They were exposed to strong , creative writers and were encouraged to produce influential pieces of writing while exploring various points of view.  The peer  review process is strongly encouraged and provides a nurturing and constructive atmosphere, in which to write and create.  I feel that the objectives of the of this session were not only met but exceeded my daughters’ expectations.  Eliza and Miranda completed their week at Studio feeling focused, accomplished and inspired.  They look forward to the upcoming year with you.” — Mrs. Heidi Nicklaus Lefebvre, parent, WNY Young Writers’ Studio

“My daughter has participated in the Studio fellowship program for the past four years.  After her second year with Studio, she was encouraged to become a mentor of the younger students while continuing to develop her own writing skills.  In the process, she has developed meaningful social connections with students from various parts of western New York she would not have otherwise met.  Although it is a long day for her, she always enjoys her time in Studio and, as her parents, we couldn’t be more thrilled that she is involved as a mentor and writer.  We drive a considerable distance (we live in Olcott) to ensure she continues to have this excellent opportunity, which may give her an edge in preparation for college and career.  The truth in the stated mission of WNYYWS can be observed  in the writing that is being turned out by these young writers.  It’s just awesome to watch them develop their “voices” through the exercises introduced at Studio.”  —Mrs. Michele Westgate, parent, WNY Young Writers’ Studio

“You helped me define my goals and refine them so they were more realistic, yet they still a challenge when I attempt to achieve them. With clear goals for what I wanted to achieve with my writing, I found it improving in and out of Studio. In class, my writing assignments were getting perfect marks, and in Studio, a piece of literature I found myself struggling to work on because I didn’t know what I wanted from it with my cousin was becoming more and more fun and easy to write. I have shared bits and pieces of it with my friends, who all seem to enjoy it and take to heart the lessons my cousin and I attempt to express. Studio has helped me grow as a writer, and I hope to return in the coming years so I can continue to make new friends and learn how to improve my writing and my community. ” —Miss Catie Basinski, high school fellow, WNY Young Writers’ Studio

“Five Things I Love About Studio:

1. I have never thought so long or so hard! Everything we did in Studio made me question the way the world was. My perception of good writing was changed forever, and I left every meeting full of new ideas, respect for other writers, and too many cookies.

2. The writing I did there reflected those ideas. I never wrote better than at Studio. Studio also left me with new opportunities for writing, such as National Novel Writing Month. Since sixth grade, I’ve competed in NaNoWriMo, and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life.

3. The friendliness of the people at Studio brightens every experience there. I’ve made friends at Studio, but even those I don’t know well are ready with a smile and a kind word.

4. As a mentor at Studio, the experiences I’ve had helping other people are amazing. I love showing young writers how to focus their ideas, how to map out new stories, and how to put their experiences on paper.

5. Angela Stockman is definitely one of the reasons I love Studio. Her vivacious personality and creative mind are the reason Studio is an unforgettable experience. She is the center of the life and imagination that fills the writing done there and it would never be the same without her. I am incredibly grateful for her helpful reviews and encouragement of my work.”  —Miss Abby Clements, former middle school fellow, WNY Young Writers’ Studio

“I am in love with your program and have seen amazing gains in my son’s love and skills in writing and feedback.  It pains me to live so far from your work.  However, we feel blessed to have you in our lives and will continue to be part of the community as best we can.  You have made a significant impact on Jake and I can’t thank you enough for that.”  —Mrs. Michelle Helmer, parent, WNY Young Writers’ Studio