Then Jesus took his disciples up the
 mountain, and gathering them
 about him, he taught them, saying:
 “Blessed are the poor.
 “Blessed are the hungry.
 “Blessed are those who mourn.
 “Blessed are the oppressed. . . ”
 Then Simon Peter said,
 “Do we have to write this down?”
 And Andrew said, “Are we supposed to know this?”
 And James said, “I don’t have papyrus with me.”
 And Philip said, “Will we have a test on this?”
 And Bartholomew said, “Do we have to turn this in?”
 And John said, “The other disciples didn’t have to
 learn this.”
 And Matthew said, “Can I be excused?”
And Judas said, “What does this have to do with
 the real world?”
 Then one of the Pharisees who was present asked to
 see Jesus’ lesson plan and inquired: “Is this lesson
 aligned with state standards? Does it address multiple
 intelligences? Where are your objectives in the
cognitive domain?”
 And Jesus wept.

Some email forwards are worth reading after all, it seems. This one made me laugh today. I’m uncertain of the source, but thank you for sending it along Jen!



  1. I definitely giggled at this one! Thanks for sharing. I hope your holiday was wonderful and restorative. And congratulations on reclaiming your title. I had heard rumors that the world’s meanest mom was a teacher!

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