Happy Holidays everyone! I was up early this morning, browsing through my reader and stumbling upon posts that have a common theme: it’s no surprise that this year, many people are eager to give gifts that cost little in terms of cash they may not have or trash that clutters up the planet. I’m thinking about the slew of new possibilities available to all of us, thanks to the web, and I spent yesterday sharing some of these ideas with my own children, who have been busy making gifts all weekend.

Oprah gave away free holiday music downloads this week and iTunes did as well. Last year, I threw together a blog where my husband’s family could begin sharing stories and pictures. Many of my friends maintain blogs like this as well. Here are some other ideas we came up with yesterday. Please add your own in the comments section below! Happy Holidays!



  1. Mike Fisher Reply

    Here’s another fun one, that may cost a little bit, but would be a neat gift idea!

    1. Go to this website: http://www.joshhosler.biz/NumberOneInhistory/selectMonth.htm

    2. Find out the #1 songs on the birthdays of people you love and download a selection of them from iTunes or WalMart’s music service.

    3. Burn a CD.

    4. Create a custom cover for your CD using one of these sites:

    Design using Microsoft Publisher…


  2. Carol Weintraub Reply

    Great post! I’ll be keeping this to use as a resource for the future.

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