Once upon a time, I connected to Emily and Jennifer and many others (who are writers, not teachers btw). Intrigued,  Laura began to blog. And with a bit of support from   and  Roger1 and , who knew all about  Twitter logoandDigg and   (especially that), Laura learned that grief has a purpose. She also learned that having a purpose can transform grief. and soon lent some support, and because of this, Laura connected to   from Australia. Thanks to Jenny, while the sun set in New York State today, we began connecting to  (California) and (Qatar) and Darajaprofile (Kenya). Their story is an incredible one, and this is what learning can look like now. It’s not about the computer. It’s about the connection. I’m wondering how to perpetuate the integration of that understanding in our smaller world that just isn’t getting it yet.



  1. This is just wonderful Angela. What a wonderful way of conveying the connections that have formed. I’ve just captured a screenshot of it for a presentation I am giving tomorrow. I hope you don’t mind!

    • Of course I don’t mind…I’m really just amazed by the connections made and the good coming out of it. You are quite inspiring, as always, Jenny! : )

  2. Great use of pictures to tell this story. I am glad that you are taken with it and hope that your sharing it will help others find their connections to the network and Daraja too.

    • I’m hoping for the same, Jabiz. Planning to share with teachers I know here as well.

  3. Hi Angela,

    Wow! I love your avatar story.

    It shows the benefit of social networking and being generous. It describes the contagious impact our deeds can have. The impact of what we choose to do can travel way beyond anything we know or imagine.

    I appreciate Laura and you.

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