I realize that I may be the last person on earth who will finally own her very own Flip Video Camera, and I’ll bet none of you are suprised that the only reason I ordered it is because someone tweeted about a sweet deal that Woot was running earlier this week.  Thanks, Kevin!

So, here’s the icing on the cake: my daughter Laura had enough money saved up from her bottle-returning efforts all winter to buy one as well, and since her personal rule is to use this money to support the causes she cares about, she has decided to run a little contest. If you’d like to own this camera yourself, go ahead and visit her blog. She’ll tell you how you can……



  1. I never made the connection that your daughter was the keeper of the 25 Days blog. Her link was forwarded around my building a few weeks ago, and we proclaimed how great the world would be if all of our students were like her! I’ll make sure to let everyone know about her contest.

    (PS – Isn’t Woot the greatest site ever?! Frivolous spending at its best!)

    • Yeah, Laura and I like to keep our online worlds a bit separate….I don’t want to control her presence there, and I’m thinking she’d be pretty bored here! She’s a good kid, as is her sister. Let your colleagues know that the world MIGHT be great if all students were like her…but then all teachers might get stuck dealing with moms like me all the time ; ) Be careful what you wish for…heh….

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