Western New Yorkers spend a good portion of the year waiting for summer to arrive. In my house, this season kicks off with a round of birthday celebrations for different friends and family members. My daughter Nina turned nine recently, and having survived this weekend’s Saturday night slumber party that was several weeks in the making, our thoughts began to turn toward other projects we’re eager to begin this summer: family vacations and work-related trips, adding a new garden to the back yard, refinishing the floors, and replacing our roof are all slated projects that we’re excited about tackling within the next several months. Summer seems to give us just enough time and space to think and plan and move our lives forward into the next new year (which has always begun in September rather than January for me)!

I imagine that my entries here may be shorter or further apart as my girls wrap up their school years and come home to me for the summer, but I’m not planning to disappear altogether. Many of the teachers that I work with will begin some education-related summer projects of their own very shortly, which means I’ll be learning a lot myself as I work to support them. I’ll be blogging about these new discoveries and all of the questions they provoke here….so even though school might be out for the summer, I’ll still be here. I hope you will continue to stop by and say hello as well.

Summer Project posts will appear over the next few months, targeting the topics that teachers I work with are most interested in. Please feel free to add your thoughts and links in the comments section if you have something to add! The resources below are for those who plan to begin blogging themselves or with students in the near future:

Still wondering why you might consider blogging with kids? Check out the video below…and share!


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