I received an email this weekend that put a smile on my face, and since I was asked to pass along, I thought I’d blog about it here. A timely post and invitation for today–

Emmett Belknap Middle School teacher, Adam Corry, is inviting other schools to join forces with his students in an effort to raise funds for Haitian relief. The Hats for Haiti drive will take place this Thursday, January 21st in several schools throughout our area. Students who make a fifty cent donation will be entitled to wear hats during their school day, and each school can determine how they would like to make their donation. I know that Adam is hopeful for more participation–locally and globally.

I imagine that many schools will be brainstorming any number of ways to help. The simplicity of this fundraiser and the opportunity to be a part of a much larger effort might be a rewarding place to begin! If your school plans to participate, you can leave a quick comment here or let Adam know directly: acorry@lockport.wnyric.org. He would like to keep track of who has participated and how much money is raised.



  1. Does it cost more to wear a “Git ‘R’ Done” hat (that’s orange and camoflauge) just because you know your wife hates it? ‘Cause seriously–I would pay that privilege fee.

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