Over the last month, several educators (including quite a few in my own network) have launched new communities in Ning. I’m looking forward to joining the conversations that will unfold as others join and connections begin to build. Hope you will add to our learning!

  • Jenny Luca and Jackie Gerstein have launched Students 2.0 and are opening dialogue around the potential for this exciting new space for kids.
  • Heidi Hayes Jacobs has invited everyone to join her and other curriculum-minded folks at Curriculum 21.
  • WNYLIT is a forum for local and global literacy leaders and coaches.
  • Nina Davis has launched the Instructional Rounds ning

Several of the teachers that I work with have begun using Ning to enrich the learning that is happening in their classrooms. If you would like to learn more about how to do so for your own purposes, you might want to visit Jen Dorman’s amazing wikispace.



  1. I’ve been trying to craft a new direction for next year’s journalism class. My goal is to engage the students more in creating news outlets using blogs, videocasting, podcasting, and online web pages. I’ll send along a bit of what I’m trying to do and if you have a few moments to read and comment I would appreciate it.
    Mission statement
    The Angora Buzz will complement the TMW with stories that cannot be printed in the newspaper for lack of interest or space. Another advantage of creating an online newspaper is that it can be updated at almost any time. Also pictures can be submitted to the web site in color, thus enhancing the written text. Additionally, the experience that students receive through creating the Angora Buzz online will translate into skills that can be transferred from a school setting into the marketplace. Skills that can be transferred from a school setting into the marketplace are included in the descriptions below.
    Students will:
    · Improve writing skills
    · Hone their critical thinking skills
    · Learn, apply, and adapt technology skills, including production of audio and video programs (podcasts and videocasts)
    · Develop their public speaking ability by reading excerpts from books/stories/poetry we are reading in class. These excerpts will be read in Spanish and English, thus providing a service to the Spanish speaking language community
    · Students involved in this project will be introduced to the language of journalism (headline, byline, gutter, nut graf, and so forth)
    · Increase students’ interpersonal skills
    · Students will collaborate on producing quality programming
    · Employ technology skills (such as word processing, PowerPoint presentations enhanced with sound, music, and graphics, cropping pictures) to create an online newspaper rich in graphic content—pictures, video, infographics
    · Collaborate with Southwest Texas Junior College

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