“…simply treating formative assessment as a series of more frequent mini-assessments misses the point about its value to learning – a value that is rooted in theory and research. At a time of unprecedented opportunity, it is regrettable that roles of the teacher and the student in enabling learning are not at the center of current thinking about formative assessment within the proposed next-generation assessment systems. This may well result in a lost opportunity to firmly situate formative assessment in the practices of U.S. teachers.”

Formative Assessment and Next-Generation Assessment Systems: Are We Losing an Opportunity?

Margaret Heritage, September 2010 in a paper for the Council of Chief State School Officers

As a teacher, a literacy coach, a professional development provider, and especially as a parent of children who frequently “take” formative assessments I remain as passionate about this topic as ever.

How do your school leaders define formative assessment?

What does the process look like?

How well does it align with the criteria shared in the document above?


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