Local teachers will tell you that you can tell who the fellows of the WNY Writing Project are by the light in their eyes. If you live in Western New York and you’re visiting me here, chances are you know what I’m talking about. You know who these people are, and you know how substantial and far-reaching that community’s influence is. I’ve spent the better part of my professional life longing to be a part of their summer institute, along with most of my friends and colleagues. It’s a commitment I’ve never had enough vacation time to take, and now I’m wondering if this will remain on my list of lost opportunities.

Did you know that the WNY Writing Project is affiliated with the National Writing Project?


Did you know that the National Writing Project was cut from the federal budget?


Every afternoon, when I drive past my daughter’s school, I’m reminded by the sign out front that education turns darkness into light. I love seeing this. I believe this. I know that you do too.


This weekend, the folks over at The Cooperative Catalyst inspired a bit of a blogging movement, in honor of the National Writing Project. An archive of posts is taking shape there. It’s good reading for a good cause. Go visit. Then, do what you can to keep the lights on at the National Writing Project.



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  2. Thanks for the kind words Angela. The WNYWP has made all the difference in my short career. I went through the summer institute after my second year of teaching and my experience has framed the way I view my craft. It has helped me become a better teacher, leader, and most importantly, writer.

    I look forward to talking shop with you on Friday. I will be in the CCHS crowd and my heart and mind will be open to some good PD!

  3. Hey, Joel–thanks for dropping by! This gave me the opportunity to discover your blog, which I can’t wait to dig into a bit more. It’s inspiring to meet a high school teacher who provides as much choice to kids as you do. Looking forward to sending a few other teachers I know your way. See you soon : )

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