On my Kindle this week:

The Power of Collective Wisdom and the Trap of Collective Folly by Alan Briskin, Sheryl Erickson, John Ott, and Tom Callanan. Forward by Peter Senge.


“I believe there is no more telling indicator of the absence of collective wisdom that the inability to learn as we go. It is characterized by rigidness and dogma. It is characterized by low trust and the inability to talk about difficult subjects where people must recognize their shortfalls. It is characterized by maintaining a facade of confidence and competence that masks insecurity and fear of failure. Conversely, collective wisdom is most evident in quiet confidence that our ‘not knowing’ is our strength, that the ability to ask deep questions is more important than offering superficial answers–and that imagination, commitment, patience, openness, and trust in one another will consistently trump IQ over the long haul.”  Page ix

“Wisdom manifests itself in humility rather than arrogance. It is known by its quiet presence rather than by noisy advocacy for one way.” Page ix

“Humanity is hungering for wisdom. That is the word I hear most: not compassion; not love; not peace; not kindness–but wisdom. The other words all have deep meaning and their own unique power. But widsom is the one that seems to magnetize people across the broadest spectrum around the world.” Page 6

“I know you know his story, but did you hear his heart?” Page 43



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