If you didn’t get a chance to catch David Coleman’s presentation Bringing the Common Core to Life this week, you can still access it here. It’s important viewing for New York State educators at every level.

As I’ve begun debriefing with different members of my network and teachers and administrators inside of the schools that I serve, much of the conversation has been about the demands of text, scaffolding complexity, and attending to the needs of readers and writers in every content area.

I’ve learned a great deal from Anthony Petrosky’s work around all of this, and many of the teachers that I’ve engaged in curriculum design with have been beside me as I’ve done so. If you’d like to know more, I’m happy to share the resources, tools, and structures that have emerged from that learning and work. I think it’s provided a solid foundation for those I’ve been serving over the last few years. Looking forward to deepening our conversation and practice as we continue moving forward.




  1. Catherine Leach Reply

    I would love to see any tools you have for scaffolding, etc…I am working with the Laying the Foundation program (www.ltftraining.org) to plan pre-AP curriculum, and I am finding that there are serious skills gaps that need to be filled for my kids.

    • Catherine–I will send you some of my digital files from curriculum design work I’ve facilitated with high school teachers in several districts over the last few years. I highly recommend Anthony Petrosky’s book too. Maybe you could do a study with teachers there? I’m wondering if anyone here might want to do the same, informally. We could Skype you into that conversation too or maybe do on the Studio ning?

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