Last week, I began sharing some of the thinking and work that I’m doing relevant to Race to the Top. As I began facilitating sessions with teachers and administrators last spring, my entry point wasn’t curriculum, instruction, or assessment. It was mind-set.

And I have a lot to learn.

What happened once our visioning work was done?

We sized up the task before us and began to strategically plan. This¬† looked a little bit different in each of the districts I’m working in, but one thing remains the same: the vision we created is on the table every time I design, work, reflect, or set goals with others.

Most of our first efforts involved unwrapping standards and designing the first drafts of CCLS units. As this phase of the work winds down, I’m returning people to the vision they began with.

“This is the portrait of the graduate you wanted to shape,”¬† I’m reminding them. “This is teacher you want to become.”

“How did completing this work move you closer to that vision? Where did it pull you off course?”

“How can we create better alignment between our vision, our actions, and the work that we do as we continue moving forward?”

What do we need to study?

What needs to be revised?


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