Here’s a snapshot of the grid that some writers plan with at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio.

Tish is writing on the grid.

And here’s another of a bulletin board near it, which provides new writers very basic approaches to try as they get acquainted with making writing in this way. These aren’t my ideas. Studio writers shared most of them.

A few ways to approach writing on the grid.

And here’s something that’s hard to portray in those photos or in sketchbook shots: the MOVEMENT of the sticky notes.

I’ve noticed that when writers are using these tools in the most sophisticated ways, those sticky notes are moving. A lot.

Sophisticated writers aren’t in it to get it done. They want to learn from the process of writing, and they know that when the ideas housed on one sticky note are bumped up against others, sparks fly.

Yeah, the thing about the sticky note is that its not about the sticky note.

Sticky notes make text moveable and mixable.

The movement is what matters.


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