Last week, a teacher that I typically get to work with face to face reached out to me through email to let me know that I was still needed.

“We’re about to begin an information writing unit,” she said. “I really need some help.”

So, I helped.

School isn’t closed, and I’m still here, everyone.

I will help however I can. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

Here’s Where, and Here’s How:

1. All of my digital courses for teachers are FREE until this crisis has passed. Just visit Pace Yourself and use the coupon code BooksAndBooks at checkout. This applies to school or site-wide licenses as well.

2. I’ve also designed (and will continue to design) FREE writing units for K-12 students on request. You’ll find them at the bottom of this page. No coupon code is needed, but writers do need to sign in in order to access the content. The courses are self-paced, self-navigating, and they do not allow for any interaction between users. This protects everyone’s safety. See the frequently asked questions for each course to learn more.

3. I’m showing up nearly all day, every day in my little Facebook group. That community is largely comprised of teachers I’ve served on the ground, but everyone is welcome, and I’m asking what people need and responding as well as I can there.

4. I’m right here, too. Contact me directly if you’d like. We can talk. Just us.

5. Finally, and most importantly: If you have contracted with me to work with your teachers in any capacity this year or next, please rest assured that I’m a very agile facilitator. We can certainly take your work online if and when you’re ready. We can also flex our days and times and the length of our initiatives. Know that I’ve continued to offer keynotes, workshops, and collaborative design sessions from a distance since I went into quarantine myself on March 12th. If you would like to me to do the same for you, just reach out. I’m happy to make that happen.

Please stay healthy and safe and well. Take care of yourself and everyone you love. I’m so humbled by all of my colleagues and friends in education right now. I’m so very, very proud to be in your collective orbit. Let me know how I can help you more.


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