The last two years have been a challenge for everyone, including me.

But Lauren Davis, my incredible editor from @routledgeeoe, gave me much to feel hopeful about. She gave me much to focus my energies around, too.

Last week, I learned that both of these beauties are now in production. The 6-12 version is available for pre-order now, and the elementary version is soon to follow.

Announcing the release of the Writing Workshop Teachers' Guide to Multimodal Composition

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have this work to point to whenever someone speaks of the last two years.

We still wrote things. We still made things. We still had Studio and all of the gifts that it gave us (minus the murder hornets and other disasters). We kept learning. We kept documenting. We kept the faith.

And we will continue to.

I can’t wait to give a few copies of these away starting this week. I can’t wait to receive your feedback, too.

Thanks for being there, pandemic and all.

And thanks for still being here, too.

I haven’t been as diligent about keeping up in this space as I might have liked this year, and that’s because I’ve been pretty busy elsewhere online. When the pandemic rolled into my small world, I started a newsletter. Although I’ve never been one to merely GIVE teachers resources, tools, and curriculum in the past–my work involves facilitating design for others rather than taking it on myself–I find myself assuming a different posture now. And it’s taught me much. If you’re interested in receiving these resources and keeping up with my own work on the ground, you can learn more and subscribe here. I’m not charging for anything. I began this project in an effort to be of use. I’m continuing it for the same reason.

I’ve also become far more active on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn than I was in previous years. I’d love to see you there.

If you’re eager to plan new professional learning for yourself, my digital learning space is open, and I will be refreshing Make Writing: Supporting Multimodal Composition Up Close and Across the Distance and my Planning Camp for May 1st.  I’m also designing new Make and Take Sessions. I’ll share more about that soon. And registration is also open for Make Writing Studios at Daemen, which will be held in person at Daemen this summer.  I’ve been an Instructional Designer there for two years now. I teach in our hybrid liberal studies program, and I also adjunct in the Education department. I’d love to chat with you about any or all of this more, so contact me if you’d like. It would be good to hear from you.

And I promise to drop new content into this space soon, now that my new books are in production. There is so much I’d love to share with all of you.

I hope you’ve been well and that this year has been gentler, somehow.

I’ll be back soon.


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