Angela Stockman founded WNY Education Associates in 2008 and serves as its Executive Director. Angela is also the founder of the WNY Young Writers’ Studio, a community of young writers and teachers of writing. She is an advocate for learning that is fueled by passion, led by students, and aligned in ways that not only meet but transcend the standards.


Angela has built a solid reputation for designing and delivering transformational learning initiatives that support teachers in their integration of promising curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices.

She collaborates with a variety of experts in the field and strives to connect educators in need with the service providers who can help them best. She also works to facilitate collaborative  experiences wherein educators and students from different local and global school districts may connect and learn from one another. To this end, she has established relationships with a variety of master teachers in the Western New York area and elsewhere. These experienced professionals eagerly open their classrooms to others, share their expertise, provide mentoring support, speak, and facilitate workshops relevant to literacy, curriculum and assessment design, and instructional practice. Sometimes, the best learning happens when we remain connected to those who engage in work and face challenges that are similar to our own.

Please contact Angela to discuss how she can help you best.

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