Allowing assessment to become an informative piece of the instructional process can start with very small steps, and in my experience, starting small prevents overwhelm and allows the true meaning of the formative assessment process to be preserved a bit better over time. Many of the teachers that I work with rely upon the 6+1 Traits of Writing in their efforts to help students better understand what good writing looks like and how they might develop these criteria in their own pieces. What follows here is a quick set of resources for those who are new or even experienced users of the Traits. Thank you to my network on Twitter for pointing me to many of these. Please leave a comment below to share what you have found in your travels as well!

Getting Started: Understanding the 6+1 Traits of Writing

Scoring Guides and Rubrics

Sample Lesson Plans and Prompts

Locating Mentor Texts

Writing Process Support

Web 2.0 is All About Writing


Other Valuable 6+1 Traits Resources To Support Your Continued Professional Development



  1. Angela Reply

    That’s great Mike! Thanks! Theresa’s wiki is a great resource too…I’d be sure to add it.

    Thank you, Linda. I am really enjoying learning from you this fall. : )

  2. I love this blog. I am intersted in 6 plus 1 traits of writing. I thought I’d audit it against VELS and see how it matches. I love the format and support given. I’m a trained peer coach and have a strong interest in coaching.It’s also great to read about coaching in America.
    Cheers Nina

    P.S How did you get the I’m a member of Working together 2 make a difference on your blog?

    • Hi Nina! How fun to see you here–thank you for stopping by! I got the code from the left sidebar on the main page of the WT2MD ning. I’ll pop over there and leave a comment for you too to show you how.

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