1. Loved it! Thanks for sharing! I would love to know what his introduction or reason for sharing that was. Was it connected to literacy?

  2. Angela Reply

    It wasn’t—think the focus was more on him as a performance poet. Could be an engaging way for kids to turn their own poetry into engaging performances. I loved it too.

  3. Angela, good thing he interpreted the story. 🙂 I think I am a good texter until I meet or see someone who does THAT! 🙂 My 2o-year-old cousin blows me away with her speed and her shortcuts. AND they work for me. I get what she is saying. I wonder what that means…that I get it.

  4. I agree! I admit that I am not a great texter, and I’m kind of afraid to become one. I hardly need one more addiction (my husband will confirm this). As far as the piece above is concerned, I think it’s incredibly relevant, and I’m wondering if some teacher somewhere is already doing this sort of work with kids. Very engaging. My 11 year old was intrigued.

  5. Elizabeth Fisher Reply

    I loved this. It’s so incredible to think that kids can do that! And some say they can’t infer…

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