Studio kids and teachers have been spending the last several weeks writing presents for those who mean the most to them, and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s get-together at Daemen College. Some will be participating in peer review, others will be peer-editing and revising, and all of us are excited about being interviewed by one of our own. Sarah Hanson is a ninth grade student from Alden High School and a newly published reporter. She writes for NeXt, and her current piece will feature Studio fellows. We are all incredibly proud of her! Thank you for writing all of US a present, Sarah.

We’ve been studying the 6+1 Traits of writing this year, and tomorrow, we’re focusing on word choice. During our lesson, each writer will select the most powerful excerpt from their finished “present” and transform it into a paper ornament. In addition to giving the gift of their completed drafts this season, they will also be presenting those they care about with these little ornaments, built with their own hands…and words.

Want the template?



  1. What an awesome idea! I love it! My mom had a music teacher in her building that used to have kids take their favorite song, write the music, and turn them into little angel ornaments with the music forming their dresses. I love the idea of making something so personal for someone you care about. Very cool!

  2. Love that idea Angela. IU’ve just finished school today for the year, but will remember that one for next year. Thanks for sharing it.

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