This just made my day last week. My friend Monika and I were chatting about writing and kids over coffee last week when she shared some concerns about her own little boy, whose name is Luke, and his disinterest in the whole process. Our conversation wasn’t long, but she picked my brain a bit about how to engage him as a writer, and I tossed out a couple of ideas. Mostly, I just suggested that she think about all of the things Luke loves to do other than writing and try to find some way to align his real passions with this task that he isn’t so crazy about. I think the smile on Luke’s face here says it all. What a creative mom he has!




  1. Cool! luke is famous! luke that’s very creative of you and mommy and I like the story. your stories are better than mine!

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  2. Great advice and what a creative connection!! My 6 year old would love this!!! So smart!

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