Have you ever been asked to name your favorite book and found yourself struggling to pick just one? Someone asked me this question today, and I was really at a loss. I can tell you this though: my favorite book can probably be found somewhere within the piles of books my kids have written over the years. The picture above captures a tiny sampling of my youngest daughter’s growing library, and I know that decades from now, I’ll be passing quiet afternoons flipping through these pages and smiling. The classics are timeless, after all.

I know I’m not the only mom who maintains a stash of these treasures. So many children love to write and draw….so many love to tell stories. The greatest teachers know how to nurture this in their students. They know how to keep the fire alive far beyond elementary school.

Today, Angela Maiers shared this link on Twitter. I’ve been spending the last hour or so exploring these beautiful sites and taking in these great book-making ideas. I can’t wait for Nina to get home, so that I can share them with her. What a way to celebrate writing!  I’m thinking we may be making some books at the WNY Young Writers’ Studio this summer.



  1. i have a collection of books like yours written by my boys when they were small .. and my 9yo is upstairs right now on the computer writing a short story collection. :^) the fun continues!

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