Over the last year, so many people have asked for a “snapshot” of what the WNY Young Writers’ Studio is really all about, and every time I’ve been asked to share this information, I haven’t done it justice. Over the last month though, I’ve had the chance to collaborate with many of our Studio fellows as well as members of my own learning community, and finally, we’re finding just the right words to describe who we are and what we aim to do. Feel free to provide feedback if you’re inclined. I can’t wait to share this draft with everyone at the teacher meetup tonight and in sessions over the next two weeks!

We Believe
We believe that all people are born writers and that the act of writing enables us to communicate our needs, raise our voices, connect and learn from others, and heal so many things that are broken. At Studio, we learn how to honor and support the writer in everyone, because writers change the world.

Who We Are
Each of us is a student and a teacher of writing. We come from different school and home communities. We seek diversity in membership and celebrate the rich perspective that our varied passions, experiences, and expertise provide. Every member of our community contributes to the vision and the mission of the work that we do.

Beyond Words
Our growth as writers is evidence of our attention to specific Dispositions of Practice, which include: courage, perseverance, understanding, expertise, collegiality, and reflection. We seek to strengthen our commitment to the Dispositions by setting purposeful goals around them and measuring our growth in these domains throughout each year of our fellowship. Our relationship with Communities for Learning: Leading Lasting ChangeĀ® provides us a greater opportunity to learn and gain inspiration from students, writers, and teachers across New York State who have enjoyed rewarding careers and served others in significant ways as a result of their commitment to the same ideals. The Dispositions of Practice were first identified by this community, and we are proud to have the support and encouragement of such gifted and giving people.

Shaping the Future of Writing, Learning, and Teaching
Those who join Studio return to their communities and their schools increasingly confident in their abilities to produce and inspire meaningful writing. We work toward a future where all students are teachers and every teacher is a student. In Studio, all learning is driven by passion, informed by the collective expertise of our group, and nurtured in safe spaces where everyone is able to take the risks that are a necessary part of becoming true writers.


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  1. Lovely vision statement, Angela. The photo is moving.

    I have been trying to contact you. Have you resolved your facebook issues yet? If not, there are a couple of questions I have about blogs that I was condering if you could help me with and I am wondering what the best way to ask the questions would be. Thanks.

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