Establishing a vibrant Personal Learning Network can serve literacy coaches well in so many ways. When coaches connect to others with intention, the quality of their learning may be enriched, their access to helpful resources often increases, and they may even find themselves pursuing increasingly complex questions relevant to their work. This is hardly surprising when you consider the collective experience and expertise of those they chose to engage with. I know that my PLN provides me a far wider perspective about what effective learning and teaching and coaching can look like than I may have had in the past. It’s great encountering others online who’ve been called to do work that is in any way similar to mine or to pursue the same sort of questions that I am, regardless of what their official title may be. If you are a literacy specialist, teacher, or coach, consider the work of these thinkers:

Joy Simpson, Jackie Gerstein, Theresa Gray, Nina Davis, Steve Shann, Linda Clinton, Angela Maiers, Dana Huff, Jim Burke (and this ning), Jim Knight, The Literacy Coach Blog, Kevin Jarrett, Ruth and Stacy, Kim Cofino (check out this recent recent post), Mathew Needleman (and this ning).



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