…for my kids to get home from school

…for the laundry load to finish spinning out

…for the teachers that I am working with to return from their lunch break

…for the next episode of my favorite television program to begin

…for my materials to finish printing

…for the next item to appear on my never-ending “to do” list

This is what I’ve learned as a participant in National Novel Writing Month this year: if I wait for an uninterrupted block of time to present itself, I will never begin (let alone finish) a single piece of writing. A number of people who have joined me on this little journey have realized that the December 1st deadline is inspiring them to write while they are waiting for the other moments in their lives to begin or end as well. Unexpected benefit: developing text in quick bursts seems less daunting than sitting down for hours at a time with the expectation of finishing an entire chapter or more. I notice that I’m being far less perfectionistic about my work this way too. This is a good thing. Rough drafts are intended to be rough, after all. Writing for NaNoWriMo has silenced quieted that critical voice in my head that evaluates every word I put down on paper. Another unexpected benefit: every night, without fail, I know that the fellows of the WNY Young Writers’ Studio will be posting their updated word counts on our ning and speaking to their progress. Their momentum is inspiring my own. I was intimidated by the thought of participating in NaNoWriMo this year, I must admit……but so far, this newbie is giving it two thumbs up.


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