Although I may not be spending quite as much time blogging this year, I’ve been finding myself far more active elsewhere online, and in my travels, I’ve found much to recommend. I’ll still be reflecting on what I’m learning and discovering here, but much of that is happening on the ground inside of the classrooms that I get to work in and in some of these spaces:

  • I’ve enjoyed getting to know Jenny Luca and Mike Poluk better as we’ve been co-administering the Working Together to Make a Difference ning–an online forum where teachers and students invested in service learning, charity and philanthropy can connect with those who share their desire to give back. What I love most about this space is the easy engagement that happens within it. Even the most tech-wary teacher would feel at home here, and Mike, Jenny, and I stop in regularly to address questions and build connections. Alden High School teacher Rob Currin initiated the Global Poetry Project within this ning as well, and he continues to invite writers from all over the globe to connect with one another “expand upon their cultural views through the reading and writing of poetry.” We are careful not to pressure any of our members into long-term time commitments or taxing projects. Right now, it’s functioning as a place where people can showcase their work with students in ways that inspire others without overwhelming anyone.

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  1. Hi Angela,
    Thank you so much for the comments about my blog. I’m back at school and have 21 new Preps (4&5 Year Olds) desperate to learn. My focus for the year is ‘differentiation’. It’s something I need to improve. I can already see an amazing difference in readiness among my students. Language Experience, Play Experience with a the continued development of the Early Year’s strategies. I’m off and running this year!
    Cheers Nina

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