Last week, I had the opportunity to facilitate the first session of WNYLIT, a new forum for literacy leaders in our area, hosted at the Carrier Center in Angola, New York by the fine folks at Erie 2 BOCES (thanks Theresa)! Twenty literacy coaches, administrators, and teachers came together to explore the benefits and challenges of building relationships with those aim to serve. We used a protocol for rich text discussion to explore several pieces of literature (hat tip to Joe, for reminding me of this text), did a bit of collaborative problem solving, and had an opportunity to share some of our resources, expertise, and strategies. As we worked together to shape our next agenda, we decided we were eager to learn more about how we might capture information from formative assessments to guide our work with teachers and students.

In the mean time, we’ve established an online community that will allow us to remain in touch with one another in between sessions and connect with those beyond our community who might help us learn and grow even more. Please consider joining us here if you are a literacy leader in your own school or community! This tool provides tremendous potential for all of us, and it would be wonderful to connect with those beyond our area as well.



  1. John Cataldo Reply

    Thank you for facilitating this group and for bringing such wonderful articles.

    • It was my pleasure, John. I’m really grateful to be able to meet other local coaches. The ning may just allow all of us to connect with those who do this sort of work in other areas of the world too. I’m excited to see Nina Davis there. I’ve kept up with her blog for some time now. She is an Aussie teacher who shares her work with primary level students. Recently, she’s started a ning for those in Australia who are using the e5 Instructional Model articulated by their Department of Ed and Early Childhood Development. Beyond content and skills standards, they are provided guidance and support relevant to instructional change–including teacher professional leave. Much to consider there–New York State has suggested a desire to do the same recently. I’ve always wondered what models of that would look like. Anyway, I was excited to see her register on our ning! Eager to see who else might join too.

  2. Joe D'Amato Reply

    Thanks for the shout out Angela, I am not sure I even remember reminding you by you are welcome.

    The WNYLIT group sounds like a great vehicle to drive good instruction and change. I have heard great things from a participant and I look forward to see how it is put to use.

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