Students 2.0 is a new network for young people that will be facilitated in large measure by young people, with a bit of support from some older people who try to remain young at heart ; ).

From the ning:

Students 2.0 is a network for learners to connect independently with other students and with mentors in order to shape educational paths and experiences which may be outside of traditional institutions.

We encourage you to explore passionate interests, to find people to help you, and to build professional competencies–creating your own virtual “Personal Learning Network” (PLN).

I am excited about this forum for a variety of reasons, and I’d like to invite you and the young people that you know to participate here. They can create a profile, begin a group, and engage in some fantastic upcoming learning opportunities. For instance, Jenny Luca will be hosting a series of Learning Web 2.0 sessions via elluminate, specifically for secondary level students who want to learn more about everything from RSS to blogging to Twitter. These sessions are free and open to all.

Jackie Gerstein and Jenny are also planning to host a virtual conference for and by students this spring. If you are a young person who is interested in sharing the things that you are passionate about and networking with others who may be inspired to do the same, please consider participating in this event.

The teachers, writers, and interns in the WNY Young Writers’ Studio will be supported to participate within this space, establish their own learning networks, and share their interests and expertise. Summer is coming! Lots of new opportunities to announce over the next few weeks. Have a wonderful long weekend Western New Yorkers!


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  1. Jackie Gerstein Reply

    Thanks for posting this Angela! The intent of this virtual conference is to demonstrate that young people have the capability to drive their own learning experiences. As per the “title”, the virtual conference is for and by young people. In other works, the goal is to have young people do all of the presentations and also do the behind-the-scenes logistics. The role of the adults in this conference is to mentor and provide the resources for the conference.

    Because it is virtual, there is the potential to have participants from around the globe.This is very exciting!

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