Just a reminder….because June 5th is rapidly approaching!

The WNY Young Writers’ Studio Celebration of Writing is a free event that is open to the public. Join us on June 5th as our fellows lead informal sessions on writing strategies, ideas, and technology tools. A few highlights from the draft of the day’s events:

  • Teachers from Alden, Lockport, and Depew will be leading sessions on the use of writer’s notebooks in the classrooms, service-learning and research projects, portfolio assessment, and connective writing.
  • A team of elementary teachers and students from Clarence will be demonstrating how they’ve used blogging to enrich their exploration of text this spring.
  • Two young men from our program will be hosting a tech playground, demonstrating how they’ve created their own technologies (including something that reminds me of a Surface Table) and how certain tools support their work as writers.
  • One of our interns will be facilitating a digital storytelling lab classroom. Participants will get to see our elementary writers at work with her as they finish up their projects, generate questions, and engage in conversation with other professionals about the practice.
  • Elementary fellows will be demonstrating how they use the Flip video camera to generate better ideas during pre-writing, strategies for expanding their sentences and adding detail to their work, how to create a Time Management Challenge for writers, and courageous journal writing.
  • Middle and High School fellows will be demonstrating feedback protocols, sharing favorite books that have inspired their writing, exploring great web-based communities and writing contests for young writers, sharing their experiences as NeXt correspondents, and discussing how to use travel to fuel writing projects.
  • An open-mic will be available throughout the day, and a number of our writers will be sharing from their own works in progress.

The more the merrier! For more information about how you or those you know might participate, hop over here.

We’re grateful to Studio fellow Dr. Heather Lyon and everyone Pinnacle Charter School for their generous hospitality!!!!


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  1. Wish I could be there. Sounds like a great celebration. Please post some pics. If you get a chance have a look at my student’s latest writing. Reading is going through the roof as well. Cheers Nina

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