Over the last few weeks, I’ve found some great resources for supporting writing in the content areas. These may be particularly helpful for those who are very new to doing so and those who are less tech-comfortable, although all can and should be integrated with the use of tech tools, whenever this is possible and appropriate. Interested in learning more? Leave a comment for me here, or if I work in your district, let me know you are interested, and I will stop by!

  • ELA teachers have also incorporated many of Steve Peha’s writing strategies within their instruction. Recently, Steve added a number of new resources to his site specifically for content area teachers who are beginning to support writing. His comprehensive guides include directions, templates, and samples that you may download for free (see his left sidebar) and use with your students.
    • Learning Patterns is a fantastic manual of strategies and resources ready for classroom use.
    • The Writing Teacher’s Strategy Guide also provides support for teachers of every content area.
    • Learning Across the Curriculum is a ready-to-use tool as well.
  • Those interested in learning more about the 6+1 Traits can find a number of resources here. The second page of that document provides a “clickable” list of web resources as well. In addition:
    • See how the Traits can be translated for use in Math right here.
    • Learn about the influence of Traits-based instruction on performance here.
    • Using rubrics and assessment criteria as tools to enrich instruction and revision helps writers substantially. Read about this here.

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