This video has gone viral in my facebook community and for good reason: Buffalo is a fantastic place to live and work and raise a family. I love it here, and I guess the proof of that lies in the reality that each time my husband and I consider moving out of state, the only thing that really keeps us back is our love of this unique little city that we’ve always called home. So while I encourage you to soak up a bit of learning about my hometown simply because I adore it (and I think you could too), I’m hoping you might see this as an educator too. Pay attention to how it’s constructed. Consider the research, writing, design, and production that went into this piece. Think about what the purposes might have been and how the creators did and could continue to share it with others online.

How could your students create something like this?

Who would they share it with?

How can they make their great ideas go viral?

What would they learn in the process?

How could it replace what you currently do?


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  1. Jennifer Borgioli Reply

    This video actually made me a little teary – strings do that to me but it’s such a great overview of our awesome city. Love that a couple of architects talking had Roycroft fixtures in the background. Love living in a city of fighters! Thanks for sharing!

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