Much of this week has been spent in conversation with teachers and administrators who are beginning to unpack the Common Core Learning Standards and determine entry points into meaningful work with them. For this reason, I was happy to find this invitation in my inbox today. Interested in receiving the newsletters in the mini-series described below? You can sign up here. Conversations about the Common Core will begin unfolding on the Learner Centered Initiatives Ltd. Ning soon as well–register here to participate.


An Invitation from Learner-Centered Initiatives Ltd.

Judging from the current buzz, the Common Core State Standards initiative appears to be the definitive wave of the present.  Whether it will define the future of learning remains to be seen.

How we approach the Common Core State Standards in the classroom, and how we choose to address the challenges that they provide for teachers and students, will directly influence the degree to which this school improvement initiative achieves the success that its vision merits. While state adoption is a positive first step, it is only the beginning.  Accomplishing the level of integration necessary to achieving both the aspirations behind these standards and the improved student learning that is their promise requires appreciation and acceptance at a much more fundamental level of the educational system: the classroom.

At Learner-Centered Initiatives, we believe in educators and the educational community.  We hope that you will accept this invitation to join LCI in contributing to and supporting educators and learners who are working with the Common Core State Standards.

To support the journey from Common Core State Standards awareness to adoption and integration, and to promote thoughtful and deep discourse throughout the educational community, LCI is providing two, free services:

  • Teaching and Learning with the Common Core, a special edition mini-series to be published approximately every three weeks, beginning with tomorrow’s inaugural issue.  Each issue will be comprised of an article, a provocation and a relevant activity or tool.
  • Our Ning will also dedicate space to fostering online discourse around Common Core State Standards.  As a member, you can participate in discussions with others in the educational community, share resources and pose questions to address the challenges of weaving the Common Core into the fabric of teaching and learning.


Disclosure: I am not employed by Learner Centered Initiatives and received no compensation for sharing this recommendation.



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