Over the last three years, some of the high school fellows of the WNY Young Writers’ Studio have identified perseverance as a Disposition they are most eager to grow. Like many writers, they often begin the process bolstered by great ideas and a certain enthusiasm for their work. Eventually, this honeymoon period often draws to a close though. Sometimes, this happens when they finish their first drafts and find themselves daunted by the reality of revision. We’ve learned that as writers become more comfortable with the process and have tools and strategies in place that can guide them through it, this begins to feel like less of a hurdle though. More often, the kids that I work with simply struggle to make writing a consistent practice. Developing this kind of discipline is an important part of perseverance. In recent years, a number of fun and socially engaging writing challenges have sprung up on the net. Studio writers will tell you that participating in them helps them to continue tapping the keys, even when they feel abandoned by their muses.

Some favorites:

This month, some of us will commit to writing a story a day in May. I hope to share samples of the stories we’ve created in the past on the Studio blog too. Sound like something that you or those you write with might be interested in? Check it out!


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