I am BEYOND EXCITED to be hosting this event with everyone at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio! For the last several years, our annual writing celebrations were inspired by the spirit and the structure of the unconference model. Writers of all ages shared their growing expertise by leading conversations and mini-sessions that featured their favorite strategies and resources. Some of my favorite Studio memories were made on these days.

Now that we have our own building, we’re looking forward to honoring the best of what worked in the past while maximizing the potential of the space that we’re in. PLAY WITH WRITING: An Installation of Works by Writers in Progress will be held on June 14th from 9am-1pm at 3062 Delaware Avenue. In addition to showcasing the learning and work accomplished by our writers, we’ll be spending a good portion of the month ahead designing different opportunities for visitors to have an awful lot of fun with words. If you’re in the area, stop by!

I know that many teachers are planning similar end of the year celebrations right now, so I thought I’d share some of the links and pins that areĀ  inspiring me. What’s inspiring you? I hope you’ll share here…or there…..


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