Beawriter11.10 These are my first and favorite conversations with writers at the start of a new year. Before we crack into our new notebooks, before the first genre studies begin, we take some time to talk about what it means to be a writer and what it means to live a writer’s life.

Teachers often ask me how I manage to write every day, and I always say that this depends on what people think it means to write every day. Writing is a very complex thing.

It’s also really simple. Most days, I don’t write at length. Instead, I take care to tote my notebooks and sketchbooks around. I snap a lot of pictures on my phone. I doodle around with ideas during my lunch breaks. I guess I can say that I write every day if writing means gathering ideas and kicking them around.

I wonder: how do you make a writer’s life for yourself? I’m working with several groups of elementary teachers who are launching workshops of their own for the very first time this year. I wonder if they are writing. I wonder if they are making a writer’s life for themselves.

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