notebook“A notebook is a very special thing,” I told them. “It’s so special that we should take care to plan the cover carefully. No pictures of pizza please, and don’t just scribble your name across the front. Take your time. Think on it for a while. You will want to create a cover that will inspire your writing ideas. Your cover can help others understand who you really are and what matters to you.”

WNY Young Writer’s Studio kids use composition books for their notebooks. Older writers use spiral notebooks, beautiful leather bound journals, or even sketch books. That’s what I use. They’re my favorite.

When our covers are complete, we cover them in packing tape so they will survive a year of spills and falls into the snowbanks outside of our little building. All of the mess wipes right off.

The document below captures most of what you see on the anchor chart, but it serves as a planning tool for writers. As always, if you’d like the Word file, just let me know. Happy to send so that you can adapt it for your own purposes.


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