On the first two Wednesdays of every month, I get to hang out with some of the friendliest and most talented writers in Buffalo. These meetings of our adult writing group at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio have become very important to me over the last two years. Writing can be a lonely endeavor, and a good peer review group is hard to find and sustain. I’m fortunate and so very grateful for the company, critique, and kick in the pants that these wonderful people consistently provide.

I’m also proud to say that a number of them are gearing up to publish their first pieces in the coming months, and we wrapped tonight’s session discussing different opportunities for emerging writers. Someone asked about my favorite resources on the web for newbies seeking publication, and without hesitating, I mentioned Aerogramme Writers’ Studio. Founded in Australia, I began keeping up with their daily posts on Facebook a little over a year ago, and I’m consistently impressed. They share incredible resources for writers of all ages and experience levels.

Here are their best posts for new writers seeking publication:

Looking for publishing opportunities specifically for students? You’ll find some right here.

Seeking an online community of writers? Take a peek at these groups.

Interested in joining our adult writing group at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio? We’d love to have your company. There is no cost to attend, and we meet on the first two Wednesdays of each month from 6:30-8:00 pm. Leave a comment here or drop me a line at for more information!


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