When it comes to building a writing community, much depends on the quality of the feedback that writers provide to one another. Solid feedback is timely, aligned to the needs defined by the writer, and criteria specific. Compliments and criticism have no place at the table, and protocols like those I share in the LiveBinder below can ensure greater equity as well. Peer review is tough stuff. Writers rarely come to the table full prepared for this work, and tools like these are often critical to their success.

Even when protocols are established, many still struggle to find just the right words to use when speaking to the work of a peer. So, I frequently use the frames below with those who lack experience. Doing so builds their confidence and ensures that writers under review leave feeling satisfied. They take what they learn with them back to their classrooms and into their virtual writing communities, too. Over time, the frames are expanded upon or abandoned altogether.

How do you help writers provide better feedback to one another?

Sentence Frames for Sophisticated Writers:

Sentence Frames for Beginning Writers:



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