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In addition to facilitating professional development sessions for teachers, I’m also the founder of the WNY Young Writer’s Studio. Here, K-12 writers and teachers of writing meet throughout the year to learn, make, write, share and support one another by improving the quality of feedback they provide. This year, we’re celebrating our seventh birthday.

Kids attend Studio to explore great writing, discover new forms, and tinker with craft. Teachers join Studio to participate in lesson studies and engage in their own action research. My vision for this organization was inspired by my deepening understanding of what high quality writing instruction and professional development could look like. Teachers and kids learn and work and play beside one another at Studio, and everyone, regardless of age or title, is a teacher.

The WNY Young Writer’s Studio celebrates its birthday in April each year, and each year, we celebrate by running a special discount for our young writers for one weekend only.

Beginning Saturday, April 18th, new and returning K-12 kids may register for any upcoming Studio fellowship program or session at half price.

This discount is good only until midnight on April 19th, so if you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, please be sure to complete our online registration and payment process by this time.

If you are a teacher who is interested in joining our fellowship programs, know you may do so at no cost. Studio requires a greater commitment than event-based workshops do. You’ll learn a great deal, connect with some incredible colleagues, and disseminate the findings from your work to others in the field. Your learning will influence our learning in significant ways. We recognize this contribution by consistently crediting teachers for all that they do and never asking any of them to pay for their participation in any of our programs.

 Three Quick Steps to Claim Your Discount:

1. Learn More About Our Fellowship Programs and Sessions

Take a peek at our fellowship programs and sessions for the summer and fall of 2015. Spend some time looking around, and be sure to take note of the age groups, dates, and times for the programs you are interested in.

2. Complete the Registration Process

Select the program or session you would like to register for, and click the registration button located at the bottom of the description box.

3. Be Sure to Use the Promotional Code BIRTHDAY When You Check Out


Would you like to learn more about Studio? Contact Angela Stockman at stockmanangela@gmail.com. You can also follow the WNY Young Writer’s Studio on Twitter and Facebook.




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