WNY Young Writer's StudioRegistration for the upcoming season is now open at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio, and while I often share the work of the kids in our community, I don’t often speak to what teachers do there.

Why is that?

Well, our teacher groups are kept intentionally small because the commitment teachers make to our program is HUGE, and the work that they do there is their own. Whenever I blog about Studio teachers, I do so with their permission, and only when they are ready to share. This often takes months or years, and often, my blog isn’t the best outlet for them.

Studio teachers come into our program eager to learn more about quality writing instruction and just as eager to connect the work of their classrooms and their own professional learning passions to our vision. They use evidence from their own classrooms to define their learning goals, they test things in their own classrooms, and they bring their findings back to our table to learn more.

The graphic above provides a peek into our program and process.

Interested in joining us? Leave me a comment or drop me a line. You can also stop by Studio this Saturday or again on the second Saturday in June to chat with us in person. Registration is right here.



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