Calling all Studio writers in grades 3-12: Join us over April break as we learn how to use our words to advocate for social justice and raise some money for a worthy cause.

100% of your registration fee will be donated to a charity chosen by our group.

Writers in grades 3-5 may learn more and register here. We are writing for a full day on April 10th.

Writers in grades 6-12 may learn more and register here.  We are writing for a full day on April 12th.

Those who participate will:

  • Research a variety of local and global social justice issues that matter to them.
  • Choose one issue, and become an advocate for change.
  • Select a powerful purpose, form, audience, and outlet for their work.
  • Gather a variety of resources to inform their understanding of the issue and the stance that they will take.
  • Evaluate the credibility of their sources.
  • Use evidence to create powerful claims.
  • Draft a complete work.
  • Ask for and provide high quality feedback on their work.
  • Revise their work, in response to feedback received from teachers and peers.
  • Determine how, when, and where they will publish their pieces.
  • Establish lasting connections with others they meet at Studio, in order to continue learning and advocating for change together.

All writers will be invited (but not required) to share their work at the end of our class. The group will use specific criteria to determine the degree to which each issue impacts individuals, local community members, the nation, and the world, and the quality of each writer’s argument will also be considered.

The writer who composes the most powerful piece in response to the most far-reaching social justice issue will donate 100% of the profit made from this course’s registrations to the non-profit organization of his or her choice. 

An important note: Writers will not be taught what to think and write but how to think and write during this session. All views and perspectives will be treated with respect, and writers will learn how to use evidence to inform their perspectives. Teachers will take care not to reveal their personal opinions or stances during this session.


This session will be held at the WNY Young Writers’ Studio, 2771 Delaware Avenue in Kenmore, New York.

Pizza, water, juice, and a healthy snack will be provided. Writers are also welcome to bring their own lunches and snacks.

Wrap-around child care is provided for a nominal fee.

Contact Angela Stockman at stockmanangela@gmail.com for more information.


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