In Make Writing, I share the three layer design process that I’ve used each time I’ve set up my own makerspaces or helped school districts develop their own:

  • First we establish the substructure of the space, which is prepared before we open the doors of the space.
  • Then, we assess the needs and interests of the makers we serve during the start-up phase, which begins when the kids walk in the door.
  • As individual writers begin to pursue unique projects that they are passionate about, we specialize our tools and resources in response to their emerging needs.

Regardless of where the space will be located, who will be using it, and the vision that the designers have at the outset, my initial recommendation tends to remain the same: Don’t spend big money until you have very good reason to.

Making doesn’t require much money, especially at the outset. As interests and needs change and grow, helping students find ways to creatively fund their projects becomes another satisfying challenge to pursue. That’s a different topic for a different post, and I’ll be sharing it soon.

Today, I’d like to give you this “must-have” list of budget-friendly materials and tools. Local friends of mine have been requesting it for some time, so I thought I would share it here as well. Use it build the substructure of your own makerspace. Tell me what you add or amend as well!

MakeWritingMust Haves



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