Recently, several colleagues asked me to begin a professional writing support group. If you are eager to begin blogging, publishing articles, or drafting a manuscript, you are welcome to join us. If you have any of these things in the works and are in need of good company, you are welcome to join us. And if you can’t attend face to face but would still like to be a part of things, you may still plan to join us.

Summer is coming, and we will begin meeting then. Those who plan to participate virtually will have several options for doing so synchronously or asynchronously. There will be no charge to participate, and we’ll create our calendar based upon the availability of the majority.

Please register here, and then look forward to receiving a survey from me shortly after. Once I’m aware of our numbers, needs, and interests, I’ll release a detailed calendar. 

Registration will remain open until June 15th. The calendar will follow.

If you have any questions, please contact me here, on Twitter, or through the WNY Young Writers’ Studio Facebook group. We can chat more!



  1. Hi, Angela,

    Happy First Day of Spring! I will be kicking off a Writing Institute with teachers on June 13, 14, 15, 16 in Margaretville, then continuing to support it during the next school year.

    I am interested in us being virtual writing buddies with your group! What do you think?

    • I’d love that, Linda! Let’s chat more as the days draw closer, and we will make a plan.

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