More and more often, I’m invited to work not only with school districts, but with other organizations that are interested in telling their stories. Stories matter. They center us. They propel us forward. They change the trajectories of our work and our lives and the lives of the people we serve.

They’re bigger than branding, and they’re far more than marketing tools. That’s why it’s important to value the story writing process as much as the products that emerge from it. It’s helpful to¬†distinguish story writing from storytelling as well.

This week, I’ll share a series of posts intended to help interested readers write their own learning stories or coach others who are interested in doing the same. My ideas emerged from my own work with inspiring people inside of very different organizations. I’ll introduce some of them to you along the way as well.

Are you still wondering if story writing might serve you well?

Consider these ten reasons why organizational story writing matters:

  1. Story writing inspires deep reflection.
  2. Story writing helps us make sense of things our organizations and the experiences we’ve had inside of them.
  3. Story writing allows us to articulate our vision.
  4. Story writing enables us to define the changes we seek.
  5. Story writing builds critical context for quantitative data, which often leave human beings cold.
  6. Story writing propels us into the unknown and helps us uncover the unexpected.
  7. Story writing challenges us to identify others whose stories are critical to our own narratives.
  8. Story writing shifts us out of managerial and into innovative mindsets.
  9. Story writing shifts our locus of control.
  10. Story writing helps us process change in healthy ways.

Writing your story doesn’t require you to tell it, although many choose to in the end.

I’ll be blogging each phase of the process and sharing tools that you may use, adapt, and share each day this week.

Jump into the comments to share your thoughts and questions as we go, if you’d like. I’m happy to talk with you more and help you get the most out of this little series.


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