Consider complexity:
Screenshot 2017-08-20 at 7.56.18 AM


Now, distinguish it from richness:



I’m wondering…..

….about the relationship between complexity and richness.

….about the pursuit of complexity at the expense of richness.

….how¬†complexity might contribute to richness.


I’ve learned that…..

Richness is equated with harmony and unity.

Richness is about joyful productivity and gratification.

Richness is abundance.

Richness is brilliance.

The near antonyms of richness are misery, torment, and tribulation.


Over the last few years, I’ve begun exploring the relationship between complexity and richness in my work with teachers, during curriculum design sessions. We agree that they are not opposites. In fact, in our experiences, complexity contributes to richness. It’s one means to that far greater end.

Something else, though: When we treat complexity as an end unto itself, we compromise richness. In fact, pursuing complexity at the expense of richness often instigates misery, torment, and tribulation.

How might you use the matrix below to create rich learning experiences for the writers you serve?

How might you adapt it?

I’ll be back on Thursday to unpack the criteria and share some helpful stories that might bring them to life.¬†I hope you’ll drop by.





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